Our Initiatives

Our Initiatives revolve around the following core values: education, leadership, community, and self-efficacy.

History of Women’s Surfing Initiative
“Showcasing the diverse voices of the history of women’s surfing.”

We have created the History of Women’s Surfing, which is an ongoing, organically growing project committed to expanding the image and the narrative of women’s surfing through the collecting and archiving of a diverse and exhaustive range of personal histories, magazine archives, and photographs, proving that women of all shapes, sizes, colors, creeds, and sexualities have surfed since surfing’s inception.

Critical Education and Action Initiative

Our education initiatives are designed to encourage a more in-depth look at surf culture, surf industry, and its impact on a global scale. The Inspire Initiative partners up with academic institutions, educators, authors, researchers, entrepreneurs, and social theorists in order to provide participants an opportunity to both broaden and deepen their experience of surfing as a socio-political activity. It is within these critical education programs that the theory that surfers are uniquely positioned to be efficacious environmentalists and activists is galvanized to an active practice.

Surf Media Literacy Initiative

Social research continues to provide withering data connecting the objectification and sexualization of women to a variety of physical, emotional and mental health issues for both women and men. The Inspire Initiative collects and analyzes visual and textual content from the surf media and surf brands in order to expose, educate, and eliminate the persistent sexism and objectification of female surfers.


“Not simply to inspire, but to initiate change.”