The Chicken or The Egg? Women’s Sports Media Coverage

The Chicken or The Egg? Is the media following a trend of a lack of national interest in women’s sports? Or perpetuating a stubborn myth that no one is interested in women’s sports? Let’s dig deeper…

40% of ALL athletes in the US are women. 43% of athletic scholarships in the US go to women. Yet women get only 2%-4% of media coverage, despite the explosion of interest and participation in women’s sports.

Don’t miss this in-depth look at media coverage and female athletes. Myths are debunked (“we want to watch winners”; “interest in women’s sports isn’t there”; “the demand for coverage of women’s sports is low”…) and top sports sociologists are interviewed to look at the data and facts. With Mary Jo Kane, Dr. Cheryl Cooky, and more.

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