Our Mission

"Not simply to inspire, but to initiate change."

The Inspire Initiative™ is a 501(c)3 non-profit that seeks to enrich and empower women of all ages through participation in surfing. We emphasize education, intersectionality, gender equality, media literacy, and building a core community of leaders who will effect positive change in the world.

The Inspire Initiative™ seeks to deepen our understanding of, and participation with, the potential surfing has as a complicated force for the physical liberation of women and girls around the world.

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Inspiring Stories and Latest News

“There is a place at the center of earth where one ocean dissolves inside the other in a black and holy love; It’s why the whales of one sea know the songs of the other, why one thing becomes something else and sand falls down the hourglass into another time.” “Sometimes the longing in me comes from when I remember the terrain of crossed beginnings when whales lived on land and we stepped out of water to enter our lives … read more

The Chicken or The Egg? Is the media following a trend of a lack of national interest in women’s sports? Or perpetuating a stubborn myth that no one is interested in women’s sports? Let’s dig deeper… 40% of ALL athletes in the US are women. 43% of athletic scholarships in the US go to women. Yet women get only 2%-4% of media coverage, despite the explosion of interest and participation in women’s sports. Don’t miss this in-depth look at media … read more

Millennial women are passionate about issues of gender and Millennial men are the first male majority to support equal distribution of family duties.